I’m currently falling asleep as I walk home. Maybe I’ll wander on to a moonbeam and myself wrapped in moon pillows, and blankets made of shooting stars and dust, and every little whimper of a snore I exhale will be plucked with a kiss from your lips. Tragic magic. Magic because it’s the moon, and your kisses, and your voice, but tragic because you’re not as near as I wish you are or perceive you to be because it is merely a dream. At least when I come back to reality I know for a fact you live here too, and if I really wanted to see you, and hear you, and speak to you, and touch you, I can. That’s not farfetched or out of this world, though most of the time I feel lost between pages, slowly writing and illustrating a home for the two of us and everyone we love and whom love us too.

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Day Joy - New Ordinary

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If your leg is asleep for too long, you die. 

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untitled by Josh Sinn on Flickr.

Doris Troy - Whatcha Gunna Do About It?

This should be never ending.

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Appreciate and respect the quietude of others. 

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You are one toothsome noodle. 

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"Cleaner" by Kelly Vivanco. 2008
What can I do with my happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never lose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again. Anais Nin, Henry and June

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Movie Matinée